Safely receive files only you can open

  • Send a request for required files
  • Clients upload their files easily and securely
  • One clear overview with deliveries
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Why SafeRequest?

As a professional you need and work with sensitive information from your clients, like passports, financial or medical documents. Email, but also sites such as WeTransfer are partially secured which makes them unsuitable for sending these kinds of documents. With SafeRequest you secure the whole process. This way you know you are the only one who receives the documents.

What our customers say


"Security and privacy are the core values of our messenger and company. With SafeRequest we are GDPR-compliant and sure that the data of our partners ends up where it needs to be."


"For my projects, I often receive large files. Apart from security, SafeRequest offers my clients convenience. And I have a clear overview of all the deliveries."

Joris de Leeuw, DLP

"For a subsidy application our clients need to deliver sensitive information like passports, contracts and figures. Thanks to SafeRequest this goes easily and safely."

How it works


Send a request

Send a request to deliver files. Share a link or send an email. Receive all your files safely in your account


First-class security

We use end-to-end encryption. Files are encrypted before they are uploaded. Only with your private key you can decrypt the files.


Overview of files

All files are collected in one overview. This way you never miss a thing!

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Safer than email

Email is the most common way to share documents. The technique behind email is outdated and does not comply with the GDPR requirements regarding personal sensitive information.

Comply with GDPR regulation

The GDPR sets a number of requirements every organization needs to comply with when you process personal sensitive information. SafeRequest helps you to comply with some of these rules.

SafeRequest is made in The Netherlands and is hosted in the EU. The protection of your data is our number one priority.

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