Data Protection

We care about your data and about your privacy. Therefore we have taken several measures to protect your data the best we can.

Zero-knowledge & Privacy-by-design

Privacy is our number one priority. For everything we build, privacy comes first.

We only store the data we need to offer our services, and nothing more. Files you attach to your requests and files your clients upload to your requests are end-to-end encrypted and can therefore only be opened by the intented recipient. We do not have and do not want access to your data.

Organisational measures

SafeRequest is built by Woost Technologies BV from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Only those who need access to servers and files, have access. Employees with access to our servers or working on SafeRequest's code have signed non-disclosure agreements and are regularly screened.

SafeRequest is constantly improved by our development team. Our team follows a four-eyes strategy meaning all code taken into production is reviewed and tested by at least two persons.

SafeRequest uses multiple environments for testing and acceptance of software updates. All updates are tested thorougly before taken into production.

Technical measures

We follow the strongest security guidelines to protect our services.

  • All our employees are required to use strong passwords containing 16 characters or more, and need to use two-factor authentication where possible.
  • All our servers and data are hosted at Amazon Web Services, an ISO 27001:2013 certified company, and are located in Frankfurt, Germany. Data will never be stored outside the EU.
  • All our server software is updated on a regular basis. Security updates are applied as soon as possible.
  • All communication from and to our servers is encrypted. For web connections we only allow TLS 1.2 encryption over HTTPS. All our servers have firewalls on network level and public servers only allow connections on whitelisted ports.

Curious how SafeRequest's encryption works? Check the technique page.